SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2015

On-line registration is available for VBS, but you can register this morning in the BFLC at the VBS table.  Don’t forget to pick up a VBS prayer sheet for the month of June at the back of the church as well as door hangers to use as invitations. 

Sign up today if you would like to go on the Field Trip to the GAiN Warehouse.  The bus leaves at 7 AM on Tuesday, June 16.  
Participants will help pack used clothing, school supplies, seeds, rice & beans, make Gospel bead bracelets, and prepare other humanitarian aid for shipment to those in need around the world. The bus will leave FBC parking lot at 7 AM and return around 8 PM.  Snacks and lunch are provided by GAiN.  Everyone buys their own dinner.  A sign-up sheet is posted on the ramp bulletin board. 

 Beginner Music Training ~ In an effort to raise up and train more musicians, youth & adults, a few of the Praise Team members will be providing music training for “beginners” over the summer.  They will explain/teach different elements of the Praise Band instruments and how to improve musical skills in a Praise Band setting.  The meetings will most likely be once a week in the evenings.  If interested, please circle M on your connect card, or call the church office with questions. 

A note to the Choir: Thank you again for your ministry this past season.  If you haven’t already done so, please return your music to the cardboard box in the Music Room.  We will regroup in early September.

RAMADAN begins June 18.  Please join us in praying for Muslins during their most holy time by picking up a “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslin World” at the tract rack.  New bookmarks and Father’s Day tracts are also available. 

Congratulations to everyone who has finished the 7 Units required for clearance to work with children/youth.  There will be another class offered  (to complete Unit #7) in the BFLC on June 28th at 9:00 AM.

Last Call ~ items located on the Lost & Found table in the downstairs coat room will be donated this week.  Please check to see if any items are yours.

 Thanks to all who filled M & M tubes with quarters.  This  money will be used to help purchase supplies at the GAiN  Warehouse. 

 You may now pick up a soup can bank in the foyer.  Fill it with summer change which will used to buy glasses and fluoride for our next Haiti trip.   Get the whole family involved by putting your bank in a place where everyone will see it and share their extra change.  When your can is full, you can return it to the Information Desk and get another one if you so desire!!  Cans need to be returned by September 13. 

 The Mission’s Board is partnering with Christian Resources International, an organization that collects books and Bibles to ship around the world.  If you would like to donate gently used books and Bibles, please place them in the tubs located in the chapel hallway downstairs.  Books will be collected throughout the summer. 

 An opportunity here at home:  Our Care & Concern Ministry tries to help  people in our own church in a variety of ways (light cleaning, moving, 

etc).  One of the greatest needs is providing a meal when needed.  If this is something you could do, please circle C on your connect card and write  a note indicating how you are willing to help.  You may also contact the    church office.  If you are aware of someone who could use help, please    contact the office. 

 June 22 ~ Red Cross Blood Drive/BFLC

June 24-27 ~ Creation

July 12-17 ~ 24/7 Jr. High Summer Missions

July 13-17 ~ VBS ~ on-line registration available

July 19 ~ Family Fun Day

July 20-25 ~ Sr. High Youth Camp/Harvey Cedars

July 27-31 ~ Jr. High Youth Camp/Harvey Cedars

July 26 ~ River Baptism ~ talk to Pastor Dawes if interested

August 5 ~ Jason Gray Concert ~ pick up free tickets at Info. Desk