Sound Technicians
Our sound crew provide audio mixing for the many events that take place at First Baptist including Sunday morning services, weddings, funerals, concerts, river baptisms, and various other indoor and outdoor activities.  Sunday morning services are also mixed by our sound technicians for radio broadcasts on WPGM radio.
  • Experience required for Sunday morning technicians
  • Screening/Audition required.  Contact Pastor John Messner
  • Training program available
 Our lighting volunteers are important because our services need to be well lit and the lighting also needs to accentuate what is being presented, whether it is a featured soloist, or dimming the lights for a pre-sermon video.  Our board has many presets installed, but some experience would be helpful if adjusting is needed.
  • Some experience would be beneficial, but not required
  • Training/Screening required.  Contact Pastor John Messner for a time.
  • Availability on Sunday mornings particularly for the 10:30 AM service.


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    Audio Visual Technicians
    Audio, pictures and video are used regularly during our worship services to assist in our time of worship and the Word.  All of our media is presented through ProPresenter.  Our team that runs this program is an integral part of our Sunday services.  We’d love to have you as part of the team!
    • Some experience required working with computers.
    • Training available.  Contact Buddy Yarger.
    • Most techs will work both services the Sunday they are scheduled.
    • See the video below for more information.