Sunday, October 25, 2020

Junior Children’s Church – Begins Next Sunday! Junior Children’s Church welcomes kiddos ages 4 and 5 to their own church service! This will take place during the 10:30am service. Pre-Register Today! Forms can be filled out at either the Info Desk or the welcome table in the gym. Kiddos must wear masks. Wanna Help Out? Let us know! (570) 275-1511,
Nursery Available – While Nursery Attendants will not be provided just yet, we welcome parents of kiddos ages 0-3 to relax in our baby and toddler nurseries located on the lower level. NEW! Parents can now watch the service live on new TVs in the nurseries. You won’t miss a thing!
Library Books can be dropped off at the office on Sunday mornings or between 9am-3pm during the week. The Library Team is working on a massive upgrade, so prompt returns would be much appreciated!
Prayer Guides for Elections are available at the Info Desk and in the Borrow-a-Book box outside.
Giving Opportunity Next Week Donations given to our Fellowship Fund are used to assist those in our church who are struggling during these hard times. “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his deed.” Proverbs 19:17
Fishnet is Meeting every Thursday from 9 AM-12 noon at the home of Linda Beyer. If you would like to join them, please contact Donna Outt.
Safe Church! We ask all who volunteer with children ages 0-18 to complete our volunteer process. Interested in helping out with the youth? Jr. Children’s Church? Are your certifications up to date? When’s the last time you took the annual FBC Safe Church course? For all these questions and more, check out our webpage at or email us at
October is Pastor Appreciation Month – Card boxes for each pastor are available in the main foyer.
Time to Turn Clocks Back! Don’t forget to turn your clock back on Saturday evening. Enjoy the extra hour!
College Care Ministry – It’s that time of year again! Our college students will be headed into mid-terms soon and we as a church family want to be there to root them on! While some students are back on campus, others are at home distance-learning, so this year care packages will be available for pick-up on Sunday, 11/22. We hope to catch ALL students at home during Fall break. Monetary donations are gratefully accepted to help cover the cost of supplies (no item donations this time). Please make checks out to FBC and add “College ministry” to the memo. Student Info is due by November 15. *Submit student info even if info hasn’t changed*. Fill out the bulletin connect card or the online form in the newsletter
The Gym is Open to Watch the 10:30 Service! NEW! Tables and chairs will be provided with some kiddo-friendly options available for a more relaxed environment to watch the service live on the big screen Feel free to bring your camp chair if it’s more comfortable than a metal folding chair.
36th Annual Feed-a-Friend 2020 is Here! This program is designed to help provide a Thanksgiving meal to those who cannot afford it. Last year 420 families and over 1000 individuals were assisted! If you’d like to help out, here’s how:
Monetary Donations – checks can be made out to Good Samaritan & mailed to Feed a Friend, c/o Good Samaritan Mission, PO Box 114, Danville, PA 17821.
Food Items – can be dropped off in our main foyer: canned veggies & soup, boxed stuffing & potatoes, noodles, pasta & sauce are recommended.
Socks & Underwear for Back-to-School – Good Samaritan here in Danville has begun their annual collection to support school nurses and the Mission Center. Please direct donations to Good Samaritan. Checks should be made out to Good Samaritan and mailed to The Good Samaritan Mission, PO Box 114, Danville, PA 17821. Items (smaller sizes preferred) should be dropped off at their Mission Center on Ferry Street, Tuesday or Thursday 9a-12p.
FBC is Hosting the Jubilee Kitchen – Diane Gelbaugh will be mixing things up in the Jubilee Kitchen on November 21. Monetary donations would be greatly appreciated to cover the cost of the meal. Please make checks out to FBC with “Jubilee Kitchen” in the memo. Any excess donations will go to benefit the Youth Missions fund.
Couch Worship – Join Pastor John on Facebook Thursdays at 2:30pm.
Halloween is coming! Give your trick-or-treaters something sweeter than the candy you’re handing out – the gospel! Halloween-themed tracts are available at the Tract Rack for pickup during the month of October.
Connect Weekly on Zoom
WEDNESDAY @ 7PM – Prayer meeting: ID: 882 0581 5427 P:697056
SUNDAY Classes meeting online
  • 9:15AM – Fred Hess with Sojourners are studying Philippians on RightNow Media – Meeting ID: 826 8364 3656 Password: 217343
  • 9:30AM – Dan Jones with Adult Fellowship are doing and in-depth study on the Holy Spirit – Meeting ID: 810 1520 7879 Password: 446260
  • 1:30PM – Connie Mertz with Journeying with Jesus will be socially distancing in her living room. This lively class for women is finishing the book of James! Wanna come? Call Connie!
Need help setting up Zoom? Go to to find instructional videos made by Pastor John!
Calling in to a Zoom meeting on a dial-up phone? Step 1. Call (646) 558-8656 Step 2. Add Meeting ID Step 3. Press #