First Baptist Church was founded in 1842 as a result of the concern of Rush Baptist Church to begin a work in Danville.  Evangelist Caleb Rush held special meetings in the Fall, and on November 13, 1842 a ten member nucleus organized “The First Regular Baptist Church in Christ of Danville.”  Construction soon began of a one-story, forty by thirty foot building, “homely in both its exterior and interior appearance” that was dedicated on January 5, 1844.  A new two-story brick church sanctuary was built on the same location, begun in 1863 with completion delayed until 1869 due to the Civil War and economic depression.
Our first choir was formed in 1869 and first organ purchased in 1872.  We celebrated our Golden Anniversary in November of 1892.  A choir loft and elevated pulpit were added in 1895 and electricity was connected in 1904.  Our Centennial Celebration was held in November of 1942.  We began broadcasting our Sunday AM services over the radio in 1944.  We began giving financial support to the newly formed Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society in 1944 and joined the Conservative Baptist Association of America in 1948.
The growth of our Sunday Bible School and Youth programs necessitated building a classroom addition to the sanctuary in 1954.  The original parsonage purchased on Front St. in 1882.  A new parsonage was built in 1962 on a newly purchased lot adjacent to the sanctuary.  The enthusiastic congregation trusted God in a step of faith by purchasing 18 acres in Valley Township in 1977 and began worship services in the new facilities in January of 1979.  We finished an addition and made other renovations in 1997 that added a Family Activities Center, a chapel area, more classrooms, offices, restrooms, parking and foyer area. The faithfulness of the Lord has been so evident through and to His people and the 30 Pastors that have served Him at First Baptist Church.
Our history is rich in the heritage of the events and individuals that the Lord has used to further His Kingdom here on earth.  Our thankful appreciation of our past gives us a hopeful anticipation of our future, seeking to do the Lord's work in the Lord's way in the Lord's world!