Mission Statement

Home groups are to be intentional groups of individuals who experience life together through fellowship, worship, serving, active growth and evangelism, through love and obedience to Christ.

Why Home Groups?

Dynamics of a Home Group

Coach: Pastor and/or Deacon coaching and offering support to their assigned Facilitators

Sample Itinerary

Pre-Meeting  30min. – Meal (optional!)

  1. 5min – Welcome, Ice breakers, fellowship time  
  2. 5min – Worship time (Ex: 2-3 songs, reading a Psalm)
  3. 10min – Read Bible passages provided together and watch the intro video 
  4. 20min – Talk through questions provided by Pastors 
    1. Suggestion: Break out into smaller groups of 3-5 people (men with men, women with women where possible)
    2. Recap your discussion(s) when group comes together
  5. 10min –  Action time – Come up with a service project and/or evangelistic opportunity and create action steps towards your goal(s)
  6. 10min – Close in prayer
Training Resources

YES! I want to open my home!