Sunday, December 6, 2015

Today is Barnabas Sunday. Items will be donated to the Danville Community Christmas Tree Program. Please see suggested food and other items on the ramp bulletin board if you would like to participate.
Please join us tonight at 6 PM for a baptismal service. A reception will follow.
Community Events hosted at FBC this week:      Monday, 1:00-6:00 ~ Red Cross Blood Drive/BFLC
      Tuesday, 9:00-1:00 ~ Vaccine Clinic/Chapel ~ flyers at Information Desk. If you do not have insurance to cover flu shots and shingles        shots, please check out this service. Appointments are required.

Midweek Meal ~ Please join us for our Midweek Family Meal on Wednesday, December 9. The menu for this week is meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, corn and desserts. Please sign up by Monday, December 7 on the ramp bulletin board, your SBS class, or by calling the office.

Stop by the Tract Rack to find Christmas devotionals, and many Christmas tracts to use throughout the season. New missionary letters are available in the chapel hallway downstairs.

Poinsettias may be ordered in honor or memory of a loved one. The suggested donation is $7.00. If interested, please contact the church office at 570-275-1511 by Wednesday, December 9th. The poinsettias may be picked up following the Christmas Eve Service.

 Mini Trips to GAiN Warehouse ~ A van will going to the GAiN Warehouse on the following dates to help pack used clothing for Syrian refugees: Dec. 9, Jan. 19, Feb. 20, March 9, and March 18. If you would like to go along please contact the office.
Every year we collect gifts for a special project or ministry at our Birthday Party for Jesus. This year the gifts are designated for Haitian children and will be used in the Children’s Ministry on the upcoming Haiti Mission Trip. In addition to craft items, we need some items to play games with the children. These will be left with the church for their continued use. Please stop by the display board in the foyer. Choose envelopes for various gift items with amount needed to purchase that item. Place money in envelope.
Drop money in gift box by December 20th.

Thanks to all who have taken ornaments from our Tree of Love located in the kitchen foyer. If you would still like to help, please stop by and take a foam ornament. Bring back the upwrapped gift to the church office by December 13. Please keep the ornament with the gift so it goes to the right person.  


The Ministry of The Word the NEXT Lord’s Day Sunday, December 13:

 9:00 AM ~ “Celebrating the Season” with Music & Worship Message ~ Pastor Dawes

10:30 AM ~ “Sounds of Christmas” ~ Adult Choir & Praise Band Message ~ Pastor Dawes

 11:45 AM ~ Youth Parent Lunch & Meeting 4:30 PM – meet at church to pack cookies for caroling

5:00-7:00 PM – Caroling for all ages
Sunday, December 20
9:00 AM – Birthday Party for Jesus for all ages. Please meet in the Sanctuary for program, followed by refreshments in the BFLC.
10:30 AM – Christmas Drama ~ Combined Worship Service
5:30 PM ~ Early Christmas Eve Service with children in mind.
Pre-school children will participate in the Nativity Story and school age children will share some of their songs
from our Birthday Party for Jesus.
7:30 PM ~ A second Christmas Eve Service with special music, candles, and carols.

A New Year’s Eve Celebration is being planned. A catered dinner by Fu Star will be at 6 PM, followed by the movie “War Room” shown at 7 PM. Devotions and prayer for the New Year will finish the evening at 9 PM.