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Danville First Baptist Church takes the safety of everyone who walks through our doors very seriously. We strive to be wise stewards not only of resources but of people as well. We ask all of our volunteers who work near/with children to comply with the following PA State regulations. If you desire to serve God by helping out with any number of Danville FBC ministries, please complete the following 7 Safety Units below.
  • If you do not have access to a computer/printer and/or you would like personal assistance, please call the Church Office to make an appointment at (570) 275-1511 or email 
Unit 1
FBC Volunteer Application
  • Please click here for the updated FBC Volunteer Application
  • Fill this form out, print one (1) copy and sign
  • Hand in the signed original with your other forms/certificates when you finish Units 1-5
  • Keep a copy for your records (copies can be made in Church Office if needed)
Unit 2
PA Criminal Background Check
Credit Card Cost: No fee if “Volunteer” status is chosen.
  • Go to
  • Select Submit a New Record Check under Credit Card Users to begin
  • Fill in the Personal Information page and click Next
  • It will ask if you would like to add any more names to have checked – just click Finished
  • After submitting your information, click on the “Control Number” that is issued
  • Click on “Certification Form”
  • Print out two (2) copies of your background report
  • Keep one copy for your records
  • Hand in second copy with your other forms/certificates when you finish Units 1-5
Unit 3
PA Child Abuse Clearance
Credit Card Cost: No fee if “Volunteer” status is chosen.
  • Using Internet Explorer, go to (Tips: Firefox may not allow the page to be opened. The /cwis will take you to the correct page.)
  • Click on Create a New Account on the Child Welfare Portal to get started
  • Once you have setup your account return to the home screen that you started on (
  • In a second browser window open your email where you’ll see two new emails. The first email will confirm the User ID you created and the second email will issue you a temporary password
  • Enter your User ID and temporary password into the Login of the Child Welfare Portal
  • Select Access My Clearances
  • It will now ask that you change your temporary password to one of your own choosing
  • You’ll then have to go back to the home page ( and re-Login using your User ID and your newly created password to finalize your account
  • Tip! Email your User ID and newly created password to yourself. You’ll need them later!
  • You should receive an email from within a few minutes to up to 14 days with directions on how to print out your results (You’ll need your User ID and password)
  • Print out two (2) copies of your results
  • Keep one for your records
  • Hand in second copy with your other forms/certificates when you finish Units 1-5
Unit 4
PA Mandated Reporter Training
No Cost – This will take an average of 3 hours to complete, but you do not have to complete this at one time
  • Go to and click on Register at the top of the page
  • Fill in your personal information and click Submit
  • Tip! Email your account credentials to yourself. You will need this information to log back in with if you would like to stretch this training out over a few days
  • There are 9 segments to this training course. After each segment it will ask you if you would like to continue or take a break
  • Upon the completion of the course, print out two (2) copies of your completion certificate
  • Keep one for your records
  • Hand in second copy with your other forms/certificates when you finish Units 1-5
Unit 5
FBI Background Check
————– OR ————-
PA Volunteer Certification
BI Background Check (fingerprint registration) – There is a fee associated with this unit.
This will only need to be completed if you have lived outside of Pennsylvania within the past 10 years.
To set up an appointment to have digital fingerprinting done, go to Select “Schedule or Manage Appointment.” Fill out prompts to complete the process. 
The nearest fingerprinting locations are:
Educators Inc.
12 Commerce Ave.
Selinsgrove, PA 17870
116 E. 3rd St. (located inside Leonard’s Tag Service)
Berwick, PA 18603
—————————————————— OR ——————————————————
PA Volunteer Certification Form – No Cost
  • If you have lived in Pennsylvania for the past 10 consecutive years, please click here to print out the Danville FBC PA Volunteer Certification Form
  • Fill out, Sign and turn in with the rest of your forms/certificates from Units 1-5
  • Keep a copy for your records (Church Office can make a copy if needed)
Unit 6
Photo Identification
  • Please bring your State or Government issued Photo ID to the Church Office. This must be presented to the Secretary so she can scan it into the Safe Church database. Or email a photo of your license to
  • This can be done when you hand in all of your forms/certificates from Units 1-5
Unit 7
FBC Child Safety Course
An FBC Leader will be presenting this hour long course during the following dates:
*The Sign-in Sheet will be confirmation that you have completed this Unit
Please contact the church office if you plan to attend an upcoming Child Safety Course at FBC.
Returning Forms/Certificates
* * * These forms/certificates have sensitive information on them and should be kept in a safe place until Units 1-5 are completed * * *
Forms/Certificates of Units 1-5 should be turned in during Church Office Hours as copies of originals will need to be made 
(Example: FBI Background Check Letter as well as Photo ID)
Do you have all of your forms/certifications ready to hand in? Click here to double check!!
Church Office Hours are:
Monday – Friday  9:00 – 5:00
If you have any questions, please call the Church Office at (570) 275-1511 or email
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