Sr High meets on Sunday nights, 6:00pm-8:00pm. In the past we’ve covered topical lessons. This year we intend to land between topical and what would be considered a pure Bible study. Where we are going this year is being intentional and incarnational about our faith. Generally, the night flows this way:
1) Announcements
2) Game
3) Lesson
4) Small group discussion

Jr High meets on Wednesday nights, 6:00pm-7:30pm. While the 7th/8th grade SBS class is going through the Gospel Project this year as well, we will supplement the Sunday lessons with stand-alone, additional relevant information and application. Generally, the night flows this way:

1) Announcements
2) Lesson
3) Small group discussion
4) Game


In June and July, we hold what’s called “Backyard Tours”. Each Sunday night the Jr and Sr High groups meet at the homes of host families for a time of fun fellowship, indoor/outdoor games, and a challenge or testimony from various speakers.

We are “off” in August for regular youth group meetings. Leaders and families can take a breather as they get ready for the coming school year.