God’s Champions is a special needs ministry. At this time, this is a ministry that serves toddlers to senior high. Our goal for the future is to have a special needs ministry that serves all ages. We strive to support inclusion within the life of the church for the individual with special needs and their families to help facilitate growing love, knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ.
     God’s Champions goal is to SUPPORT individuals with special needs by either providing a buddy, changing curriculum or doing both. We strive to keep all individuals with their peers. Another goal of God’s Champions is to EDUCATE. Educate and train our volunteers, educate those who attend church and the children about special needs. Last goal of God’s Champions is OUTREACH. We would like to eventually reach out to the special needs community and families and provide programs like respite care, day out for moms, dads and siblings. We want to reach out to families affected by special needs to show God’s love to them.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Disability Simulation during Sunday School (March 26). 
Wanna be a buddy? God’s Champions is looking for volunteers with special hearts to help our friends with disabilities when they come to church. Please contact the church office if you are interested in helping or if you have any questions as to what this adventure entails.