A major dimension of our ministries is the support of Gospel  proclamation and representation at home and abroad. We take our responsibility seriously to primarily support Conservative Baptist ministries, but we also team up with other ministries with similar doctrinal standards.

We are a “mission station” in our own community, state and nation and thus support nine missionary units within the United States that serve on college campuses, in urban areas, with specialized groups, with evangelistic outreach, leadership development and church planting. Our support also extends to Christian radio stations, literature publication and Pro-life ministries.
    Our church connects with the rest of the world by supporting ten international missionary units in ten countries. Their involvements include church planting, leadership development, youth and children work, technical support and student ministries. We also support one family working with international evangelistic campaigns.

Our personalized commitment to missions is encouraged by the following:

  • 1/3 of our budget is directed to missions.
  • We provide multiple opportunities each year for individuals or groups to participate in short-term, hands-on mission trips in the US and abroad.
  • Eight of the missionary units we support are “home grown” from our First Baptist family.
  • “Missions moments” in worship services, Missions speakers and Mission Festivals expose us to people and ministries the Lord is using.

Our goal is to personally and corporately have a “Great Commandment passion with a Great Commission Focus” that reaches God’s world with God’s Word.

For more information on each missionary unit, please click here or on the "Meet Our Missionaries" icon at the top of the page.